abandoned places - buildings, factories, industrial objects

  I'm not sure if this is the correct place or even title for the following text. It has more to do with explaining the reason why this site exists and how it came to be.

  Thanks to the powers of the almighty internet, we were able to conclude that there aren't many sites covering the topic of... "abandoned" places. These places are not only 'strange' and falling into ruin, but they also seem to mysteriously compel us to return after each visit. Its as if they possess a power over us that we cannot explain...

  ...That is why we were decided to create this site, to at least present a 'visual' representation of these places and share a small part of the extraordinary climate they emanate. It's most likely that most people will stumble across our website on accident, hopefully they will like what they see here. We're thankful to all those who have at least become slightly interested in these places after having discovered our site.

  We started this hobby years ago. Our interest was spurred by curiosity and the unusual atmosphere these places possess; quickly this hobby turned into an addiction, without which it would be difficult for us to live in this world of ours. Now it's impossible for us to pass by an abandoned building indifferently - one that so definitely distinguishes itself from the surrounding reality. Its like a disease, a superb form of dependence.

  The purpose of creating this website, in a way, is to find out about new, previously unknown or even undiscovered places in our country... and that's not all. We're also looking for people, who even in the slightest way, can identify with us because we want to find everything that's worth seeing and get to know everyone who's worth getting to know in this hobby. So write to us so we can get in contact with each other.

  HumanTree & Chris (31.07.2004)
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