abandoned places - buildings, factories, industrial objects

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trips that's we've made
/When: july 2009
/Where: Iceland /How: fly
/What: some abandoneds

/When: april 2009
/Where: Croatia /How: car
/What: military bases

/When: 24-27 january 2009
/Where: Italy, Rome /How: fly
/What: any suggestion?

/When: may 2008
/Where: France, Belgum, Norway, Great Britain
/How: couch

/When: april 2008
/Where: Forst (Germany), Grodzisk Wlkp., Toruń, Włocławek, Nowogród Bobrzański, Nowa Sól
/How: car
/What: factories cd.

/When: 01-04.03.2008
/Where: Barcelona (Spain)
/How: fly
/What: anything worth

/When: xx.02.2008
/Where: Minsk (Belarus)
/How: train
/What: abandoneds...

/When: 26-27.01.2008
/Where: Piotrków Trybunalski, Stąporków, Skarżysko Kamienna
/How: mobil
/What: abandoned jail, brickyard, metal facotry

/When: 17-18.11.2007
/Where: north: gdańsk, łapalice, żarnowiec itd...
/How: mobil
/What: abandoneds...

/When: 19-20.08.2006
/Where: Kraków, Niedomice
/How: train
/What?: everything on the way

/When: 20-21.05.2006
/Where: Warsav
/How: car
/What?: some new places, second part of documental movie

/When: 1-2.04.2006
/Where: Milan (Italy)
/How: by sky
/What?: very old, big cellulose factory - SNIA, everything interesting around...
  • few shots here

  • /When: 15.01.2006 - first trip on new year
    /Where: Eisenhüttenstadt (Germany)
    /How: by cars, limited places, about 180 km from Posen
    /What?: old german factiories - steelworks
  • more info forum

  • Ghost Town II - Pripyat - Chernobyl :: 29 - 30 october 2005
  • leave: 27.10 - Poznań
  • meeting before leave: 24.10 20h. - Poznań, "Awaria" Garncarska Str.
  • forum
  • gallery from I'st trip

    /Where: Wlkp. and Opolszczyzna
    /When: - sunday 12 mai 2005
    ...all-day-long trip with few new, great places
  • visited:
    - manor - Ziemiełowice
    - pressure tower - Syców
    - breakyard - Zieliniec
    - sugaryard(?) - Bierutów
    - church - Pisarzowice
  • losses:
    - Travis lens... shit, that was second (first fall down from roof of block), camera - still work ;)

  • Ghost City - Prypiat - Chernobyl trip :: 19 - 22 may 2005
      ...from a long time the but of opuszczone.com is teh Dead City - Pripyat (Prypiat, Prypyat, Pripiat) - near the Chernobyl nuklear plant. Now, the trip can be realized, so we collect teh team, make a permission and.. off we go.

      ...all details about trip, regulations and question please place at our site form.
    (more about city you can find on www sites)

  • ...we're back, alive, collecting and preparing photos. the gallery is planned next week (first days of Juny)

  • /Where: Gródek - once again.
    /When: sunday 20 march 2005
    ...it's no way to hide that Grodek is our favorite place to spend time in abandoned surrouding. like before, we've spend there pleasure time, with great weather - so you can expect great photos.

    /Żagań - Bolesławiec - abandoned re-soviet city
    /When: sunday 06 march 2005
    - abandoned military airport in Szprotawa
    - abandoned re-soviet military city - Pstrąże
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